Sparkling juiced drink

Soo Mojito is one of the best non-alcoholic Mojito drink. Prepared with lime juice, mint leaves extract and fine bubbles, Soo Mojito is a low calorie mocktail. Tasty and good for you, Soo Mojito is preservative free, artificial colour and flavour free Let Soo Mojito refresh your mind and senses.


Sparkling juiced drink

Sweet cherry flavour met yummy strawberry for a delicious carbonated beverage. Sweet and smooth like childhood memories, this fruity soda is an awesome thirst quencher Finely fizzy, preservatives free and naturally flavoured, Soo Cherry Berry will rock your mind.


Sparkling juiced drink

Soo Green Apple sparkling drink is finely fizzy. Slightly sour and acidulated, Soo Green Apple is juiced and amazingly refreshing. This back to basic carbonated beverage will bring you back to essentials : naturally tasty, and preservative-free. Revigorate your mind with every sip of Soo Green Apple.

HEY! Here are the tasty fruity drinks you are looking for.

We blended fruit juices, natural flavours, spring water in an amazingly tasty beverage range : Soo Fruity Splash.

As all Soo beverages, sugar content was reduced. So you can enjoy this juiced soft drinks all day and night long.
Packed in 50 cl bottles, Soo fruity Splash has 4 different flavours.
Pina Colada Mocktail, Cherryade, Melonada and Watermelon iced tea.
Pick them all, you will fall in love with the hottest refreshing drink.


Soo fruit flavoured sparkling waters

There is a Soo for every moment of your day and night. Whenever you need to refresh your senses, just take a sip of Soo, and you will feel revigorated.

Soo Green Apple

Juiced fizzy drink with natural green apple flavour. Packed in transparent cans 33cl, you'll love the trasparency.

Soo Cherry Strawberry

Sparkling water with natural cherry and strawberry flavour. Packed in transparent cans 33cl, you'll love the trasparency

Soo Mojito

Carbonated water with lime and mint flavour. Packed in transparent cans 33cl, you'll love the trasparency

Tasty and fruity

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The brand

Created in 2015 in France, Soo brand is meant to be a global brand.


Quality is our highest priority, even more than expanding our market or profits. We do believe that we would never sell something that we would not drink ourselves. For this reason, we are very exigeant with raw material selection, production process and food safety.

Our Target

We work hard to give the best quality with the fairest price. Your fidelity is a reward for us, and we aim to offer our products worldwide.